I am currently not engaging with commercial activities, but concentrating scientific research on the Japanese sword and documenting for objective verification study.
Therefore, we started independent non-profit origanization “Institute for Japanese Sword Craft”
  for contributing to preserve Japanese traditional craftsmanship correctly to preserve historical Samurai culture for the future.

* In Japan, we have a long history of swords has been cared and preserved with special respect. It means that swords have been not only armaments for battle. but also objects of religion, for ceremony, and subjects of appreciation. Leading the way in works of art, the book of “Meizukushi”, in which the character of sword smiths was described.
It has been already written in Kamakura period(13th century)
The fact tells us obviously that our people have been making an effort to preserve swords of old ages as like treasures, being away from practicality. To appreciate the cultural legacy of ancestors is joyful right for us, who live in modern(new) age. And to hand it to the future is our noble obligation. Thus being possess of ” Nippon-to ” is different from collecting simply ” Works of Art”. So one who possess a Japanese sword comes to have responsibility to preserve the “Spirits of Samurai” as well, to learn the essence of it and to try to train himself up spiritually higher level.
We wish you to feel and recognize the “Mononofu(no)Kokoro”(Spirit of Samurai), through appreciating the swords which has been cherished by Japanese samurais.